RQU Strategic Priority 2022-27

RQU’s primary strategic priority over the next five years is to grow and diversify our audience to reflect, serve, nurture and inspire our Queen’s University and Kingston area communities.

Radio Queen’s University will expand CFRC’s audience to reflect diversity in our communities to attract a sustainable stream of new talent on all platforms, and to attract more listeners to and investment in our journalistic and cultural programming and content.

Core values that RQU holds true and that inform our strategic plan include: Inclusivity, Relevance, Integrity, Teamwork, and Imagination.


Five Pillars to Realize our Strategic Priority

  • Optimizing accessible physical and digital assets

  • Diversifying and growing revenue streams

  • Realizing the power of community and campus networks and collaboration

  • Optimizing programming, content and products to meet audiences where they are

  • Engaging and empowering youth talent and audiences

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