Volunteer Resources

Welcome to CFRC's Volunteer Resources page, where you can find and download links to CFRC policy and other manuals.

  • CFRC Policy:CFRC's Policy Manual. Last revised December 2016
  • Volunteer Manual: CFRC's Volunteer Manual, covering technical operations and procedures. Last revised April 2016
  • Volunteer/Programmer Agreement: CFRC's Volunteer Agreement. Last revised December 2016.
  • RQU by-laws: Radio Queen's University (CFRC's license holder) by-laws. Last revised November 2014
  • Radio Club Constitution (Ratified 2017)
  • CRTC Campus Radio Policy: Broadcast regulations governing CFRC and all Canadian campus and community radio stations
  • Radio Regulations: Federal legislation governing CFRC and all Canadian radio broadcasters
  • DotLog User's Guide: A How-to manual for volunteers to log their content for CRTC compliance purposes
  • Temporary Log Sheet: Spreadsheet to use when Dotlog is down/experiencing errors.  Please download an Excel version for personal use and email to music@cfrc.ca when episode logs are completed. 

2020 Training Videos!

How to Set Up in CR1


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