Volunteer Resources

Welcome to CFRC's Volunteer Resources page, where you can find and download links to CFRC policy and other manuals.

  • CFRC Policy: CFRC's Policy Manual. Last revised December 2018
  • Volunteer How To Manual: CFRC's Volunteer Manual, covering technical operations and procedures. Last revised July 2020
  • Volunteer/Programmer Agreement: CFRC's Volunteer Agreement. Last revised December 2016.
  • RQU by-laws: Radio Queen's University (CFRC's license holder) by-laws. Last revised November 2014
  • Radio Club Constitution (Ratified 2017)
  • CRTC Campus Radio Policy: Broadcast regulations governing CFRC and all Canadian campus and community radio stations
  • Radio Regulations: Federal legislation governing CFRC and all Canadian radio broadcasters
  • DotLog User's Guide: A How-to manual for volunteers to log their content for CRTC compliance purposes
  • Temporary Log Sheet: Spreadsheet to use when Dotlog is down/experiencing errors.  Please download an Excel version for personal use and email to music@cfrc.ca when episode logs are completed. 

2020 Training Videos!

How to Set Up in CR1
How to Set Up in CR2
How to Set Up in CR3
How to use CD Players and Turntables
How to set up CR1 Phone Interview (pre-recording)
How to set up CR2 Phone Interview (live-broadcasting)

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