Volunteer Resources

Welcome to CFRC's Volunteer Resources page, where you can find and download links to CFRC policy and other manuals.

Training Materials

Training Videos!

How to Set Up in CR1
How to Set Up in CR2
How to Set Up in CR3
How to use CD Players and Turntables
How to set up CR1 Phone Interview (pre-recording)
How to set up CR2 Phone Interview (live-broadcasting)
SAM Broadcaster Pro How-To Tutorial Video for PC1


Conducting Broadcast News Interviews. Hosted by Alexandra Fernandes with Special Guest, Julie Brown.
Cooking Your Own Radio Show from Home. Hosted by Silvia Vejar.
Remote Broadcast Workshop. Hosted by Chancelor Maracle.

Library Resources!

Remote Access Music Library
Manual: How To Use.pdf
On-Site Library Catalogue

Other Resources

Why you need to wear headphones!