Volunteer Training Season Is Here!

Want to do your own radio show? Want to learn and develop awesome, new, and transferable skills in production and communications? CFRC Volunteer Training sessions start November 4th!!  Sign up now!

We are delighted to announce CFRC is offering Volunteer training opportunities commencing November 4th 2017. Because there many volunteers each season, we must divide up our training into rounds and stages.  Please sign up for a total of three training sessions (Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3).  There will be two rounds with three stages each.  Each stage includes:

Stage 1: Orientation, Intro to Community Radio, Anti-Oppression Training, Station Tour, Safety and Security Training, Intro to CFRC Finances and Fundraising

Stage 2: Pre-recording programs and conducting interviews; live broadcasting, Intro to and mastering of Megaseg software

Stage 3: Intro to Dotlog and CRTC content categories, creative production: promotions, prerecords and more; using zoom recorders; Intro to Reaper software, Intro to CFRC programming policies and guidelines

 Please sign up for stages 1, 2, and 3 by contacting [email protected]

Round 1

- Stage 1 Saturday, November 4th (10am to 1pm)
- Stage 2 Saturday, November 4th  (2pm to 5pm)
- Stage 3 Sunday, November 5th (11am to 2pm)

Round 2

- Stage 1 Monday, November 6th, Stage 1 (6pm to 9pm)
- Stage 2 Tuesday, November 7th, Stage 2 (6pm to 9pm)
- Stage 3 Thursday, November 9th Stage 3 (6pm to 9pm)

Looking forward to welcoming you aboard the good ship CFRC!!