WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2022 1-3pm
Free + in-person program
Come to Union Gallery to play with sound and be inspired by the art of Rihab Essayh. Sound
play is a creation-based public program geared for International Education Week. Rather than
being rooted in instrumental performance, this creative composition allows for anyone to wander
in and simply play with sound. The premier music production club at Queen’s University -
QWave will be leading participants through freeform sound play, where visitors will be invited to
rearrange sound in the gallery
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About QWave
QWave was born out of the mix of passion and uncertainty that comes with entering the world of
music production. As a novice producer, you want to establish your own sound - but you keep
hitting roadblocks you don’t know how to navigate and everything seems so expensive! We
understand it can be daunting; with so much to learn, where do you even start? We make the
entry into the realm of music production less overwhelming in a lot of ways. At QWave, we
educate our members on the basics and intricacies of DAWs, hardware & software, promote the
music they make, and facilitate the creation of their music by providing access to state-of-the-art
production technology. We invite the best and the brightest of local and international producers
to share their knowledge with us and develop supportive relationships with industry
About International Education Conference
Join students and educators across the country in celebrating International Education week.
The Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) and Student Academic Success Services
(SASS) are proud to host a conference that seeks to empower our campus community to
explore the impact of international education. Through interactive presentations, panels, and
social media posts, we will celebrate the global experiences of students, staff, and faculty, and
share and learn from each other’s stories and strategies.