Tourism Kingston and KCFF announce Music Video Initiative participants

Partnership between Kingston Canadian Film Festival and Tourism Kingston connects local production companies with local musicians.

October 11, 2022

The Kingston Film Office, a division of Tourism Kingston, has partnered with the Kingston Canadian Film Festival (KCFF) on the second edition of its Music Video Initiative, a project that pairs local production companies with local performers to create music videos. Each team receives $2,000 from the Kingston Film Office and the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, with the videos premiering at the 2023 Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

The project connects local production companies with local musicians as a professional development exercise, providing each with the opportunity to hone their skills and gain industry experience. Workshops will be offered during the production period to provide additional support.

“We’re really pleased to provide this support to both the local film and music communities,” says Moira Demorest, Music Commissioner, Tourism Kingston. “The goal of the project is to facilitate hands-on development opportunities for producers and musicians to strengthen our local industries. It also supports two priority areas identified in the City’s Creative Industry Strategy: film and music.”

Production-musician pairings were announced at a community mixer event held October 2, 2022. The event included 20 members of the production community and 80 community attendees.

  • AKAFLK Productions working with Good Fortune
  • bNice Films working with Aaron Holmberg and Savannah Shea
  • Happy Kid Productions working with Luella
  • James Media working with Keaton
  • Jamstone Productions working with KaKaow
  • JL Creative Agency working with Scott Owen
  • Little Friday working with Tiny Horse
  • Mickayla Pyke Media working with Alex Mundy
  • Outpost12 + Visual Menace working with Kasador
  • QR the Band working with Michael George and Abby Stewart
  • YourTV working with Hayley


Caption: Tourism Kingston and KCFF Music Video Initiative community mixer at the Tir Nan Og | Photo credits: Lynn Chen



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