Today's CFRC Community Story Line: The Grad Club to Reopen Its Doors

After roughly six months of closure after a March shutdown in the early days of the COVID pandemic, The Grad Club at 162 Barrie Street announced on September 11th 2020, that it will reopen its doors.


The Grad Club posted the reopening announcement on its Facebook page noting the doors will reopen with COVID safety protocols in place.  The official date has yet to be determined, but will likely be within the next two weeks according to a statement issued by Queen's University reported by Samantha Butler-Hassan for The Kingstonist.  On her own social media, General Manager, Virginia Clarke thanked community members for their support for Grad Club's reopening. 

CFRC has hosted Grad Club Trivia on its airwaves since mid-March.  The last weekly installment occured on September 10th 2020, though special broadcasts of Grad Club Trivia will occur through the fall and winter terms.  In the meantime, Grad Club has asked the community to follow its social media for updates on reopening and how its programming will run with Covid safety measures in place to ensure the safety of staff and patrons. 

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