The Isabel announces Fall concert lineup and Imagine Online Arts Festival

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts at Queen’s University asked itself, “What CAN we do  during this pandemic that would amplify the voices and creativity of artists, students, creators, and  educators?” 

The Isabel launched its new IMAGINE program that supports creation-based residencies, online arts  education initiatives, and filming/recording during the COVID-19 period. This large and imaginative  initiative enables artists to connect with their audiences and presenters and that they emerge from the  pandemic with excellent new artistic material and high-fidelity recordings and films to promote their most  recent, dynamic work. This COVID-19 period is an excellent time for artists to immerse themselves in  artistic ‘R & D’ to explore new collaborations, styles, concepts, and performance practices and come out  of the pandemic with new and enriched artistic voices. 

The Isabel launched its new IMAGINE program that supports: 

  • creation-based residencies,  
  • online arts education initiatives, and  
  • filming/recording during the COVID-19 period.  

This is a much-needed program for the artists and the beacon of hope that artistic creation, filming,  recording, and arts education can thrive during this period of isolation. 

August 11, 2021 

Society and the entire arts world is undertaking a giant metamorphosis during COVID, and we are  thrilled and honoured to support initiatives that prepare artists for the multi-platform world while growing  their connections with audiences and presenters with such interesting work. 

The three major disruptive forces in the arts today include: the digital revolution and distribution, EDII,  and COVID-19. 

At the Isabel, we are delving into all three forces as this is a period of unprecedented societal and  cultural transformation. We recognize the urgent need for artists to overhaul our vision, systems, funding  bodies, arts institutions, and support for substantial new creation in the 21st century. 

THE NEED FOR INNOVATION: We are creating greater opportunities and resources for artists to engage  in R & D as regular (vs. inconsistent) artistic practice … recognizing that the creation of art needs multi disciplinary creators and artists in the same room for longer incubation periods to create substantial art. 

The Isabel’s IMAGINE project is a great example of the Isabel being inspired by Canada’s artistic  community to grow our team’s expertise and practice in the high-fidelity, multi-platform world, and to do  so with alacrity, passion, critical reflection … and of course, joy!

Visit The Isabel's website for a complete list of upcoming performances here.

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