Students! Opt-In for CFRC's Optional Ancillary Fee this September

Attention Students! 

CFRC is YOUR campus radio station!  This September, please support YOUR independent media outlet by paying CFRC 101.9 FM's optional student fee!


Paying your CFRC student fee is awesome, here's why!!

  • You're supporting student-driven and student focused content.
  • You're supporting independent, community-driven and community-focused media.
  • You're supporting emerging, independent musicians.  Almost every band gets their start on campus radio!!
  • You're ensuring students can connect with a broader community to promote their ideas, initiatives, events, research, achievements and more!
  • You're supporting the production of public service announcements that inform students of events and services on campus and in Kingston of interest to them.
  • You're supporting job-skills training opportunities through our Work-Study and Summer Work Experience Program positions.  Have you seen our 2019-20 Work Study position postings??  Apply today!
  • You're supporting training opportunities for students in broadcast radio and podcast production!
  • You're supporting fun DJ skills training opportunities of our top of the line, Pioneer DJ club kit!!
  • You're supporting live broadcast of Gaels football games and other amazing Queen's events!
  • You're supporting almost 100 years of tradition!  CFRC started broadcasting in 1922!!!