St. Lawrence Parks Commission seeks public consultation for new strategic plan

January 26, 2021

We are sharing this public engagement opportunity on behalf of our partner agency, St. Lawrence Parks Commission. Feedback closes Feb. 4, 2020. Questions about the survey may be directed to [email protected].

MORRISBURG, ONTARIO — St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) has awarded a contract to MDB Insight Inc. (MDB) for the development of a 5-year strategic plan and 10-year roadmap. MDB is an experienced and respected consulting firm that will be involved throughout the strategic plan’s development process including all stakeholder engagement as well as public consultation aspects of the project.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to develop a long-term strategy that will set the direction and plan to drive operational enhancements and successful implementation of new initiatives for the Commission. The plan will also include cultivating sustainable environmental and financial business models that will reduce reliance on government funding.

The principal objectives will focus on the SLPC’s ageing infrastructure, community partnerships, environmental stewardship, and optimizing resources to move the organization into the future.

As part of the plan development, SLPC Board of Commissioners, senior staff and front-line staff, along with municipal and community partners, contributed valuable insight through facilitated discussion sessions, interviews and survey participation.

The SLPC is now seeking public consultation and taking active steps to engage and collaborate with its valued customer base through the format of an online survey.  

Share your vision and feedback by participating in our online survey:

The survey will be available online until February 3, 2021. All answers will remain strictly confidential.

“SLPC looks forward to the development of a strategic plan that enhances as well as strengthens the SLPC's future and revitalizes its current operations,” said Hon. Bob Runciman, SLPC Chair. “The MDB Insight team is uniquely qualified with its innovative insights and expertise to lead this effort and provide a roadmap that will benefit our local communities and Ontario residents,” Runciman said.