Want to learn how to do cool sound effects like they do in the movies?  Come learn to create sound effects that we hope to use for our Shortwave Theatre Festival in 2020!


Join us in the Film and Media Sound Studio, Room 313 at The Isabel on December 8th! Composer, sound artist and musicologist Matt Rogalsky is facilitating this fabulous hands on sound effects workshop! Some of the sound we create we hope to be able to use in our Shortwave Theatre Festival plays in 2020! Come do fun art, meet nice people, eat free food in a really amazing studio, and become a sound artist with the Shortwave!

Please email your desire to attend (space is limited!!!) and any known food allergies/requirements to [email protected]!

This workshop is possible with the generous support of Matthew Rogalsky, the Dan School of Drama and Music, and The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts at Queen's University.