Skeleton Park Arts Festival announces Next Door 2021! June 16 – August 16, 2021

Next Door is an annual temporary public art exhibition displayed throughout the Skeleton Park neighbourhood. This second iteration of the project showcases the work of twenty-six artists based in Katarokwi/Kingston, taking shape in the form of sixteen eclectic installations, from painting and sculpture to performance art and augmented reality.

The breadth of topics explored in this second annual rendition of Next Door offers a series of snapshots into the lives of artists working through a global pandemic, finding the time to create, reflect, and simply be. Next Door 2021 speaks to a more expansive notion of community, not only extending to artists across Katarokwi/Kingston, but further drawing attention to some of our oft-overlooked “next-door neighbours,” from community members who are rendered invisible to the undervalued and complex ecosystems that support our ways of life. The artists offer an inherent invitation to question who or what makes up this community, how it takes shape, and how we identify it. Some works further question the definition of “art” and “artist” through collaboration with nature and the audience. Others offer a space for quietude and reflection, commemorating our losses or emphasizing ephemerality and joy in the face of a universally challenging time.

Next Door 2021 features artwork by:

Jane Kirby + Erin Ball, Clelia Scala, Jane Derby, Chaka Chikodzi, Kemi King, GHY Cheung, Simon Andrew, Abolition City, Onagottay, Willa Molen, Hayden Maynard, , Ying Lee + Kate Yüksel, Nicholas Crombach, Amelia Glancy + Benjamin Nelson, John Wright, Jenn Norton + Matt Rogalsky + Laura Murray + Dorit Naaman

Curated by Nicole Daniels, this year's selection committee included Kristin Moriah, Jillian Glatt, Joanna Reynolds, Greg Tilson and Nicole Daniels.