Shortwave Theatre Festival Call for Directors

Shortwave Theatre Festival Call for Directors



CFRC 101.9 FM and Cellar Door Project are excited to announce a call for directors of original work for the first Shortwave Theatre Festival. With funding from Ontario Arts Council and the City of Kingston Arts Fund, The Shortwave Theatre Festival is a week of audio drama performances that we will present on CFRC's airwaves in November 2020. 

We have selected five audio theatre projects by local artists to be featured in the festival and now we’re looking for local directors to help us bring these shows to the airwaves! 

All Kingston-based artists are encouraged to submit an application package (see details below). You can be a professional director, an emerging creator, an actor eager to try something new, or a community organizer! The five selected shows fit into a wide variety of genres. Shortwave Theatre Festival directors will be offered an honorarium upon project completion.


CFRC and Cellar Door Project are seeking directors that will work well with a diverse team to ignite the imaginations of listeners in the Kingston and beyond. Directors will be responsible for working with the Festival Director, playwright and 2 or more actors to create a 30-40 minute audio drama to be aired and podcasted by CFRC Radio during the Shortwave Theatre Festival in November 2020. 

A few things to take note of: 

  • Auditions will take place January 11-13 2020. Successful candidates will attend these auditions in CFRC’s studios.
  • Rehearsals for this project will take place throughout January and February with recording in March 2020. Directors are required to attend rehearsals.

We are open to submissions by directors with various levels of experience. If you want to experiment with radio theatre, we would love to work with you to create amazing radio theatre together!


By 5 PM EST on December 20th, please write to us at [email protected] with:

  1. A resume or CV of past relevant experience. 
  2. A letter of intent, including:
  • Your interest in radio theatre as a medium. 
  • Your experience with teamwork and leadership
  • Your general availability between December 2019-July 2020 for work on rehearsals, recording, and post-production editorial review.

The CFRC-Cellar Door Shortwave Theatre Festival is a project supported with generous grants from the City of Kingston Arts Fund,  the Ontario Arts Council, and the Dan School of Drama and Music.