RQU 2020 AGM November 30th

NOTICE: The CFRC Radio Queen's University Board of Directors invites all members to participate in the 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting.


From Daniel Beals, Board President

CFRC Radio Queen's University
Formal Announcement of AGM
November 30, 2020 – 6PM Zoom Conference


On behalf of the Board of Directors for CFRC, I would like to formally announce our 2020-21 Annual General Meeting for November 30, 2020.

Due to the health risks of the current pandemic, this meeting will be take place virtually via Zoom. All members will be eligible to join the meeting and a connection to Zoom will be provided. If you do not currently have this capacity, you can download at www.zoom.us.

There will be additional notices forthcoming with regard to Board Member ratification as well as an opportunity to submit motions or an apply to join the board.

If you have any questions about the AGM process, or would like to submit a motion for review at the AGM please contact me at [email protected]

I recognize that this may be a challenge to meet quorum for this meeting, but I encourage all members to attend.


Daniel Beals
Interim President – Board of Directors

AGM Meeting Materials

AGM Appendix A: Ratification of Board Members
AGM Appendix B: Proposed Bylaw Changes
Board of Directors Nomination Form

Radio Club Constitution
Radio Club Executive Positions



According to RQU Bylaw 22. The annual or any other general meeting of the members shall be held at the head office
of the corporation or elsewhere in Ontario as the board of directors may determine and on
such day as the said directors shall appoint. At every annual meeting, in addition to any other
business that may be transacted, the report of the directors, the financial statement and the
report of the auditors shall be presented and the board of directors ratified and auditors
appointed for the ensuing year and the remuneration of the auditors shall be fixed. The
members may consider and transact any business either special or general without any notice
thereof at any meeting of the members.

The board of directors or the President or Vice President shall have power to call at any time a general meeting of the members of the
corporation. All voting members shall have the power to call at any time a general meeting of
the members of the corporation by presenting such a request in writing, signed by 10 percent
of voting members in good standing, to the board of directors. Public notice of members’
meetings, annual or special shall be given over the air and on-line by CFRC Radio, fourteen
(14) days before the time fixed for the holding of such meeting.


All members in good standing are encouraged to attend.  Non-members can pay their $10 membership fee by contacting [email protected]  According to RQU Bylaw 20:

"The membership of the Corporation shall consist of all those who have paid an annual
membership fee, whether in the form of membership dues or as an allocated Queen's
University student fee, or as a combination thereof. Each member, if in good standing, shall
be entitled to attend and speak at any special or general meeting of the members of RQU.
Each member shall also be eligible for regular volunteer skills training programs or workshops
offered by CFRC Radio. Trained members shall be eligible to perform on-air
programming related tasks for CFRC Radio. Members in good standing, who have
participated in CFRC Radio as a volunteer for at least 3 hours within the previous 12 months,
including participation in training programs, and including those in ex-officio positions on the
Board, shall be entitled to one vote on each question arising at any special or general meeting
of the members of RQU..."