Studio and Equipment Rentals


Studio Rentals

CFRC is well equipped for all your audio production needs.  If you are interested in recording your band, conducting an interview in-studio or via COMREX, producing a radio documentary, or transferring a record or tape to digital format, we can help.  Our standard rate of $75/hour includes a qualified technician, studio rental, post-production and taxes.  A discounted rate of $45/hour is available to independent and local artists.  Queen's groups and affiliates are rated at $60/hour. Free studio bookings are available to trained CFRC volunteers for the production of broadcast or podcast content.  Technical assistance provided to volunteers by staff runs at $60/hour.
Call 613-533-2121 or email for more information or a quote!


Equipment Rentals

CFRC can support your mobile sound needs with powered speakers, an integrated CD mixer, a Technics 1200 turntable and a selection of microphones, small audio mixers, cables and headphones.  Trained volunteers are able to rent mobile equipment at our standard rate: non-volunteers may rent the equipment plus a trained CFRC technician for an additional $25/hour.  

CFRC has a number Zoom H2N professional recorders available for portable recording. Rentals are free for trained CFRC volunteers recording for broadcast, with a $10 damage deposit. 

Call 613-533-2121 or email for more information or a quote!

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