Radio Club

Formed by Margaret Angus in 1957 as a self-organized group of Queen's students involved in CFRC Radio, CFRC’s Radio Club evolved in 1977 to include Queen’s faculty, staff, alumni and Kingston community members participating at the radio station. The club is a social organization of all volunteers of CFRC. Its role is to advise station staff and board members on policy and operations; to represent CFRC Volunteers on the CFRC Board of Directors and hiring committees; and to function as a forum where CFRC volunteers can share ideas. The Club has an executive composed of a President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. 

The Radio Club executive is always interested in hearing ideas, comments, and concerns from all CFRC volunteer members of the Radio Club. The members of the executive share the responsibility of organizing social events. Involvement in the Radio Club is part of your privileges as a CFRC volunteer!

2022/23 Radio Club Executive:

President: Michael Boulos

Vice-President: Erin Yuill

Secretary-Treasurer: Vacant

Contact: [email protected]