Queen’s Neuroscience centre look to create an emergency fund for students

On Sunday August 28th at Tindall Field on Queen’s University campus, the Centre for Neuroscience studies is hosting a Neur Run to support their students. Graduate Student Representative for Fundraising and Industry Committee with the Centre for Neuroscience at Queen’s University Dominique Hancock says they hope to create a student support fund.

“It's hard to get funding as a student, the pandemic and inflation has had a really big impact on student income…Right now we have emergency grocery cards, we’re hoping to have it go towards an emergency fund.. to help students out with personal expenses and for student initiatives,” says Hancock.

The event includes a one kilometer walk or a five kilometer run, games, a raffle, music and info. booths to learn more about neuroscience.

“I thought it would be a great way to get the students involved and the community to support our department…There will be posters up from student research, the projects that students are doing in the centre for neuroscience studies…It shows where the money is going, towards the students, we really want to put them at the forefront of this event,” says Hancock.

Hancock adds neuroscience is personable.

“Everyone knows a little about neuroscience, this event is a way to show a little more in depth about what we do at Queens.”

In order to participate in the Neur Run, there is a registration fee, alternatively the CNS is also accepting donations. The event runs from 9am-1pm on Sunday August 28th.

Listen to the full CFRC interview with Dominique Hancock below: