Providence Care Hospital activating additional beds to help support acute care partners

With COVID-19 cases rising at an alarming rate across the province, Providence Care is admitting additional patients from acute care facilities to its hospital site, to help relieve pandemic-related pressures.

In April 2020, Providence Care Hospital converted a number of clinical and non-clinical spaces, adding more than 200 beds in consult rooms, patient lounges, outpatient spaces, and the Learning Centre, as part of its pandemic response plan. 29 of those beds were opened on inpatient units that spring, and are currently being used. 

The hospital has now activated 23 more beds in an outpatient clinic space to accommodate additional patients who are medically suitable for post-acute care.

“We know we have a big role to play to help address the increasing pressures on the provincial healthcare system. Our role is to open additional beds, accept more patients and help our acute care partners create critical care capacity,” said Cathy Szabo, Providence Care President & CEO. “By creating more capacity and admitting additional patients, our acute care partners are in a better position to admit more out-of-region patients.”

“These are plans we have been working on and revamping since the first wave. We are now putting them into action,” added Krista Wells Pearce, Providence Care’s COVID-19 Incident Command Leader. “The pandemic we started with is not the same pandemic we are currently battling. Things are changing at a rapid rate and we are in constant communication with our healthcare partners across the province to learn what their needs are and how we can support them.”

The majority of the patients will be admitted from regional partners across southeastern Ontario however, Providence Care Hospital will also be accepting patients from the broader east region as needed. The number of new admissions depends on our acute care partners’ needs.

“Our numbers evolve on a daily basis as regional pressures change. We are admitting a much higher number of patients from Kingston Health Sciences Centre than we normally would each week. We have also had admissions from Lakeridge Health, Campbellford Memorial Hospital and Peterborough Regional Health Center, and have engaged with The Ottawa Hospital to support their needs as well. These are non-COVID patients who are medically suitable for post-acute care,” said Wells Pearce. “At this time we are only activating the 23-bed outpatient clinic space, but we have other areas ready to open if needed.”

“Providence Care is committed to supporting our regional partners and Ontario Health. If we need to activate more spaces we will. If we are asked to assist in the care delivery of COVID-positive patients, we will,” added Szabo. “We have such dedicated teams who continue to rise to the occasion and take on extra work to ensure the people we serve, no matter where they are from, receive high quality care.”

All patients being admitted to Providence Care Hospital from another healthcare facility will be tested for COVID-19 prior to being transferred. All new admissions must also complete a 14-day quarantine period.

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Quick Facts

·       Providence Care Hospital features 270 private inpatient rooms (pre-pandemic). As part of its pandemic response plan, the sub-acute hospital added more than 200 beds in April 2020, in consult rooms, patient lounges, outpatient spaces, and the Learning Centre.

·       29 beds were activated on inpatient units in spring 2020. The beds are currently in use.

·       23 more beds were activated in an outpatient clinic space in April 2021.

·       During the provincial shutdown, only Essential Visitors (those with a loved one who is end-of-life) and Designated Care Partners are permitted to enter Providence Care Hospital. Designated Visitors are not permitted.

·       Essential visitors and Designated Care Partners are actively screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 daily.

·       Everyone must wear a mask before entering Providence Care Hospital. Masks must be worn for the duration of the visit and may only be removed when eating or drinking.