Protect your collector: Follow these winter waste set-out guidelines

January 10, 2022

Snowbanks and winter weather make collecting household waste more challenging for collectors

This winter, help protect your collector from injury by placing your garbage, recycling boxes, and green bins where they can be clearly seen and safely collected.  Follow the guidelines below for setting out your waste and take two minutes to watch the City’s Winter Waste Placement video.

  • Keep a path from the road to your collectibles clear of snow and ice.
  • Choose a safe and visible ground-level location at the end of your driveway or walkway. Place the collectibles on the right side (as you face the street) or on the boulevard closest to the curb. Avoid using white garbage bags for visibility as well.
  • When there are large snowbanks, please shovel a ground-level “shelf” in the street side of the snowbank for your collectibles. Never place them on snowbanks where they will be difficult and hazardous to collect.