Principal Deane issues statement on unsanctioned student parties

On October 17th 2021, Principal Patrick Deane condemned reckless behaviour of some Queen's University students and individuals coming into community for sole purpose of causing trouble.

In his statement, he wrote that "Despite the extraordinary efforts of our staff, student leaders, security, City officials, Kingston Police and emergency services, the last 24 hours have seen our community seriously disrupted by the reckless behaviour of some of our students, as well as by other individuals who came here for the sole purpose of causing trouble."

He added that "Thousands of people gathered throughout the day and night, ignoring the law and showing little or no respect or care for others. We very much appreciate the work of the Kingston Police and OPP who demonstrated restraint and acted with professionalism to try to manage the crowds, and we acknowledge the concerns of the community members — including our own alumni — who have expressed outrage and frustration over the behaviour they witnessed Saturday night." 

Deane stated that the University will assess the damage to campus and surrounding neighbourhoods, that it was working with student volunteers in the cleanup effort, and continuing discussion with the City of Kingston and Kingston Police.

He added that "We are discouraged by what we are seeing across the province with large parties of students in Hamilton, London, Waterloo and Ottawa with similar outcomes and individuals who travel to each as a rite of passage. We know the last few years have been a struggle for young people, but such behaviour is dangerous, irresponsible, and ultimately inexcusable."