Pause and play at Water Snake, a new interactive installation on Kingston’s waterfront

What happens when you mix creativity and printed concrete with an urban backdrop? You get Water Snake, a playful, surprising and interactive installation along Kingston’s downtown waterfront. It is an experiment in animating an underdeveloped space through a combination of design and new technology.  

Water Snake was created by two Kingston-based companies including RAW Design Inc., an architecture and design firm, and Nidus3D, a tech company using 3D printing technology. The ground mural was created by local artist, Jenny Moring.  

Made up of three segments that encourage play, exploration and offer seating, Water Snake is nestled along the Waterfront Pathway between the Delta Hotel and Battery Park. The artful ground activation brings colour to the area and responds to the form of the segments. Together, these pieces help create a unique and playful urban space year-round. The area has also been upgraded with new planters and benches. 

“This installation is unique to Kingston and aims to connect with the waterfront and provide residents and visitors the chance to discover and explore the area in a special way,” says Danika Lochhead, Manager, Arts & Sector Development. “It's originality and experimentation as an interactive, artful yet functional piece also hopes to propose new ways of thinking about public spaces and how we use them.” 

Starting in spring 2023, the Fire Lane site and Water Snake will evolve through various activations to enhance how the installation appears and is used. This project was funded by the Canada Community Revitalization Fund and has been commissioned by the City of Kingston and Tourism Kingston. 

Share your photos and experience with Water Snake! Use the hashtags #WaterSnakeYGK and #SnakeByTheLake. 


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