Operation Warm Feet put their best foot forward during COVID-19

KINGSTON-For more than 20 years, Operation Warm Feet (OWF) has been working to supply winter footwear to  children and youth who need it, and this year was no exception. With the 2020 campaign facing unprecedented  challenges posed by COVID- 19, OWF has so far distributed almost 500 pairs of boots to youth throughout Kingston. 

OWF, a program run by Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC), has been providing children up to the age of 18  from low-income households with winter boots and accessories since 1999. OWF gratefully receives knitted goods  and monetary donations from local organizations, businesses, and individuals in the community. The United Way  saw the need early on and became a huge supporter, providing 60% of the needed resources annually. Monetary donations are used to buy new boots at a reduced cost through long-time partner Downtown Giant Tiger (DT GT). 

“People often take having proper footwear for granted, but for so many families it’s a constant worry” said Helen  Mabberly, Manager, Family and Community Health at KCHC “Seeing the number of boots distributed grow year  after year shows the generosity and compassion of the community.” 

With many families struggling through tough financial times, the need for community-based programs is greater  than ever, which is why the continued contributions from individuals and local businesses like DT GT are so  important. The pandemic presented several new challenges for residents of KFL&A, but OWF has worked hard to  make sure cold feet aren’t among them.  

Forecasting increases in demand, OWF has taken steps to ensure the health and safety of volunteers and boot  recipients. Unlike previous campaigns, OWF did not have a one-day pick-up for boots, but distributed boots through  local elementary and high schools in Kingston. OWF also removed the $2 “purchase with pride” cost and gifted the  boots during this time of hardship for our community families.  

“Seeing the total amount of knitted and monetary donations this year brought tears to my eyes” said Stephanie  Wheeler, Program Coordinator for Operation Warm Feet. “Donations are a significant part of what makes OWF  possible. The more support we get the more children and families we can assist.” 

OWF and KCHC would like to thank past, current and future donors for their ongoing support during these uncertain  times. Fundraising efforts for the 2021 campaign have already started, and they are hoping to raise $12,000 to meet  the ever-rising need for Warm Feet Smiles for our Kingston area children. For more information on how to make a  tax-deductible donation to OWF, or to get involved, contact [email protected] 

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