Open budgeting: City discussions to be live-streamed

January 21, 2021

The City invites community members to log on next week, as Council deliberates on the various capital and operating budgets supported by the municipality.

“We want to continue to be open and transparent about how spending and resource allocation decisions are made, and to provide residents with the opportunity to hear how budgets support municipal services and priorities. This is especially crucial this year as we deal with the challenges of COVID-19, which has had a significant impact on City revenues and resources,” says Desiree Kennedy, the City’s Chief Financial Officer and City Treasurer.

From Jan. 26 to 28, City Councillors are scheduled to convene as the Committee of the Whole to discuss City budgets, City-funded agency budget submissions and municipal utility budgets as presented by Utilities Kingston.

These discussions will be live-streamed (close captioned and recorded) on the Kingston City Council YouTube Channel and on the Kingston Meeting Twitter feed so that residents can follow the decision-making process. Please note: depending on discussion, the final night of budget deliberations may not be needed.

City budgets support municipal services (such as recreation programs and facilities, park amenities, waste collection, snow plowing, transit) and capital infrastructure (including roads, bridges, pathways and buildings) as well as the initiatives outlined in Kingston’s 2019 to 2022 Strategic Plan.

Opening the budgeting process

The City is committed to opening its budgeting process to residents so they can:

  • understand the structure of the municipal budget and how budgeting decisions are made;
  • provide input on priorities;
  • influence the allocation of public resources; and
  • F=follow the decision-making process.

This fall, the City ran a series of Open Budget engagements, which attracted 500+ participants. It consisted of a series of weekly polls and a survey on Get Involved Kingston followed by two virtual open houses that provided an overview of the City’s operating and capital budgets, recent fiscal challenges, and plans for an ongoing budget engagement process. 

Find previous years’ budgets on the budget archive page.