Open Air Fire Bylaw now in effect! Free permit now needed to have open air fires

April 19, 2021

Looking to have an open air fire? You will now be required to apply for a free permit. 

The bylaw regulating the setting and maintaining of open air fires came into effect at 12:01 a.m. today and promotes public safety by requiring residents to read the rules for safely managing different kinds of open air fires. Once you have read the rules for the kind of fire you intend to have, you receive the permit!

“If you’re going to have an open air fire, we want to ensure it’s done safely. This bylaw will ensure transparency, consistency, and improve safety by reducing risks associated with open air fires,” says Chief Fire Prevention Officer Ted Posadowski.

There are seven permit types available for the public. Appliances that are exempted from the bylaw and do not require a permit are appliances with mechanical shut-offs (for example, propane or natural gas appliances, and grilling or cooking fires using smokers, barbecues, masonry barbecues, charcoal appliances, hibachis, and contained pizza ovens.

“Our primary focus over the coming months will be on educating and informing residents to ensure they are compliant with the new bylaw,” says Posadowski.

To learn more and apply for your free permit, visit: