Read it and reap! Introducing KFPL’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge

September 18, 2023

September is an exciting month not just for school-aged kids but for the littlest members of Kingston Frontenac, from newborns to preschoolers, too — thanks to the generous support of The Friends of the Library, KFPL is launching a new reading challenge, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten.

The initiative, also known as 1BBK, is simple but makes a big difference. Caregivers are challenged to read 1,000 books with their children before they step into the world of kindergarten.

1BBK is not just about reaching a numerical target; it's about building a solid foundation for each child's future success in literacy, education and life. It’s an excellent way for kids and their grown-ups to bond, and it comes at the perfect time: early childhood is a period of incredible brain development, and early exposure to language has a profound impact.

“Don't be daunted by the number,” advised Brianne Peters, Librarian, Children’s Services. “Reaching this goal is within your reach, and we’re here to help! Establishing a daily reading habit is key.

“Reading three books a day for one year gets you to over 1000 books, and even just one book a day for three years accomplishes the same,” Peters added. “You can read one book or multiple books each day —it’s up to you.”

KFPL provides a user-friendly logging tool, Beanstack, to track reading progress at Anyone who joined the TD Summer Reading Program this year already has an account. For anyone who prefers a physical chart, copies are available at any KFPL branch or can be printed at home.

A love of reading is not the only prize — when families reach the halfway mark at 500 books, they can claim a free book bag, and upon completing all 1000 books, they will receive a certificate and another special prize.

For more information about 1BBK and to get started, visit