Newly-elected Council Good News for Lemoine Point Farm

A group of concerned residents wants to make sure the Lemoine Point Farm is preserved as a place of nature and not lost to development.

During the municipal election campaign, the Save Lemoine Point Farm group sent Kingston City Council candidates a survey asking:

“Do you support the city’s purchase and long-term protection of Lemoine Point Farm as a place for nature and agriculture, not for development?”

Most of the now elected candidates said “yes” to making a public commitment to saving the Farm. Two did not answer and one wanted more information. “We are very encouraged by this broad level of support for conserving the fields, forest, and shoreline of Lemoine Point Farm for future generations”, says Jim Biagi of the group’s coordinating committee.

During the municipal election campaign, the Save Lemoine Point Farm group heard from many residents, community groups, and other organizations wanting to see the Lemoine Point Farm protected. Gord Sinclair wrote on behalf of The Tragically Hip: “The preservation of this unique piece of land just west of the city is important for our community… This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us as a community to preserve this space for future generations. Let’s not waste it.” To see other endorsements received to date, please visit About Us – Save Lemoine Point Farm.

In the coming weeks, the Save Lemoine Point Farm group will continue advocating to preserve this magnificent property including following up with the newly-elected members of City Council.

The Save Lemoine Point Farm group invites the public to visit its website and sign up for its newsletter. The group also continues to be active on social media including – Twitter: @farmlemoine, Facebook: @SaveLPFarm, and Instagram: @SaveLemoinePointFarm