New tools for Kingston and area job seekers now available

January 25, 2021

The Possible Made Here website, a project of the City of Kingston, has just added a number of tools designed to support both job seekers and employers looking for workers. These new features include: 

  • job board that combines all the job listings from 30 job sites and is updated daily
  • job map that displays job listings and can be filtered by geography, skills, job types and duration of job
  • career explorer that identifies jobs by sector, level of demand, average wages and skills required

“Part of the work undertaken by the Kingston Economic Recovery Team has been looking at our local workforce and how we can make it easier for employers to recruit the talent they need, and how we can ensure that job seekers find employment in the fields they’re qualified in, especially given the challenges of COVID-19,” says Mayor Bryan Paterson. “I’m pleased that we’re able to introduce new tools that will support employers and job seekers, and grateful to the Province of Ontario and to KEYS for their support in making this possible.” 

An Ontario Labour Market Partnerships grant, has enabled the City to create these free job tools, work more closely with Employment Ontario agencies throughout the Kingston region, and promote these resources.  

“A critical goal is to use the recovery to pivot towards a more resilient and adaptable workforce; and connecting the contributions of workers with new opportunities,” says Gillian Waters, Program Director at KEYS Job Centre.   “Possible Made Here is a tool to support workforce resilience and adaptability into the future and KEYS is pleased to have had a supporting role in its development.” 

Employers are encouraged to contact us for any information on the tools for employers or job seekers.