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June-July 2019 New Music 




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Aboriginal digital 39687 Cloud, Tee Four Sacred Colours independent Yes 04-Jul-19
beatbox CD 39654 Road Warriors Primal Winds Hand Solo No 03-Jul-19
beatbox digital 39684 Femi From Indiana With Love independent No 04-Jul-19
beatbox CD 39744 Ultra Magnus Muziki Mzuri Hand Solo Yes 29-Jul-19
beatbox digital 39758 Tempest, Kate A Book of Traps and Lessons American Republic No 31-Jul-19
blues CD 39655 various artists Ruf Records 25 Years Anniversary Ruf No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39656 Williams, Billie Hell To Pay independent No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39657 James, Cheyenne Burn It Up independent No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39658 Brae, Tullie Revelation Endless Blues No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39659 Robb, Terry Confessiin' My Dues independent No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39660 Neals, Eliza Sweet or Mean E-H No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39661 Brown, Savoy City Night Quarto Valley No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39662 Lee, Michael Lee, Michael Ruf No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39663 Forty Fours Twist the Knife Stereo No 03-Jul-19
blues CD 39699 Abair, Mindi and the Boneshakers No Good Deed Pretty Good for a Girl No 10-Jul-19
blues CD 39752 Wilkins, Steven Waiting independent No 31-Jul-19
blues CD 39755 Wellbad Heartbeast Blue Central No 31-Jul-19
folk CD 39652 Smith, Greg Waiting for the Truth independent No 03-Jul-19
folk digital 39669 Humbird Pharmakon independent No 03-Jul-19
folk digital 39671 Heine, Jessica Goodbye Party Fallen Tree Yes 03-Jul-19
folk digital 39672 100 Mile House Hiraeth Fallen Tree Yes 03-Jul-19
folk digital 39673 Brooks, Jon Ours and the Shepherds Fallen Tree Yes 03-Jul-19
folk CD 39676 Ulrich, Shari Back to Shore Borealis Yes 04-Jul-19
folk CD 39679 Glennie, Phil Wake independent Yes 04-Jul-19
folk digital 39681 Lindsey, Graham TradHead independent Yes 04-Jul-19
folk digital 39692 Curse of Lono 4am and Counting (Live at Toe Rag Studios) Submarine Cat No 04-Jul-19
folk CD 39695 Closs, Kevin in deep independent Yes 10-Jul-19
folk digital 39706 What In Your Heart Can Put You in a Trace We Got a Lot of Love Ten Dollar No 10-Jul-19
folk digital 39709 Warp/The Weft, The Dead Reckoning independent No 10-Jul-19
folk CD 39721 Maddalen, Tamara Mint Green Mercury independent Yes 24-Jul-19
folk CD 39722 O'Connell, Rhonda The Butterfly Project independent No 24-Jul-19
folk CD 39723 Paper Beats Scissors Parallel Line Forward Music Group No 24-Jul-19
folk CD 39727 Stillman, Isabelle Middle Sister independent No 24-Jul-19
folk digital 39735 Galloway, Madison Who Knows Where independent Yes 27-Jul-19
folk digital 39736 RedFox RedFox independent Yes 27-Jul-19
folk digital 39737 RedFox Recovery independent Yes 27-Jul-19
folk digital 39738 Helm, Amy This Too Shall Light independent No 27-Jul-19
folk digital 39739 Dulcemuse Musette independent No 27-Jul-19
folk digital 39742 Kristofferson, Kris This Old Road independent No 27-Jul-19
folk digital 39742 Galloway, Madison Moon & Mercury independent Yes 27-Jul-19
folk digital 39747 Calexico and Iron and Wine Years to Burn Sub Pop No 29-Jul-19
folk CD 39749 Twas Now Flesh and Bone independent Yes 31-Jul-19
folk CD 39750 Howe, Alice Visions independent No 31-Jul-19
folk CD 39751 O'Bonsawin, Mimi Trillium independent Yes 31-Jul-19
folk CD 39753 Snider, Gillian & Leslie Stanwyck Smiling in the Cold independent Yes 31-Jul-19
folk digital 39756 Lillimure Lillimure independent No 31-Jul-19
gospel digital 39685 TAKEYCE MEN*Tal independent Yes 04-Jul-19
jazz digital 39668 Novik, Aaron The Fallow Curves of the Planospheres independent No 03-Jul-19
jazz digital 39686 Belle, Lucinda Think Big: Like Me independent No 04-Jul-19
jazz digital 39688 Melbreeze Amethyst MMC No 04-Jul-19
jazz digital 39689 Sammut, Simon and Omar Vasquez Gravity independent No 04-Jul-19
jazz digital 39691 Bambrick, Heather Fine State independent Yes 04-Jul-19
jazz CD 39696 Dave Robbins Sextet Joan of Art Cellar Yes 10-Jul-19
jazz CD 39697 Yeghiazaryan, Lucy Blue Heaven Cellar No 10-Jul-19
jazz CD 39726 Bambrick, Heather Fine State independent Yes 24-Jul-19
jazz CD 39732 Blue Moon Marque Bare Knuckles & Brawn independent Yes 24-Jul-19
jazz CD 39734 Kent Sangster's Obessions Octetq Reverence Bent River No 24-Jul-19
jazz digital 39745 Finck, David BASSically Jazz Burton Avenue No 29-Jul-19
loud digital 39690 Immortal Bird Thrive on Neglect independent No 04-Jul-19
loud CD 39725 KOSM Eyes on the Inside independent Yes 24-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39653 Palmer Grass Garden independent Yes 03-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39664 King Ropes Gravity and Friction Big and Just Little No 03-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39665 Vargas, Alex EGOtrip Copenhagen No 03-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39667 Band Apart Band Apart Crammed Discs No 03-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39670 Thick Paint a perennial approach to free time independent No 03-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39674 West, Kevin Story of My Life independent No 03-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39675 Barricades, Les Full-Pin independent Yes 03-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39677 Franey, Andrew Transhuman independent Yes 04-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39678 Gauthier, Deni Quiet Town independent Yes 04-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39680 Brother Leeds Brother Leeds independent Yes 04-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39683 Rumblings of Spring, The The Rumblings of Spring independent Yes 04-Jul-19
pop/rock 12" vinyl 39693 various artists Zamfir: Legacy Part 1 Zamfir Yes 08-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39694 Le May, Andreane Take Me Away independent Yes 10-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39698 Kokoko! Fongola Royal Mountain No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39700 Man From Earth Bomb Going Off independent Yes 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39701 Purple Mountain Purple Mountain Drag City No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39702 Hippo Campus Demos II Grand Jury No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39703 Magdalena Bay Mini Mix Vol. 1 EP Luminelle No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39704 Mac Cormack, Jesse Now Secret City Yes 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39705 Field Guide Full Time EP Guest Room No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39707 Aina Haina Second Best Badman No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39708 Shotgun Jimmie Transistor Sister 2 You've Changed Yes 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39710 Gauche A People's History of Gauche Merge No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39711 BEA1991 Brand New Adult independent No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39712 Drab Majesty Modern Mirror Dais No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39713 Sternberg, Joanna Then I Try Some More Team Love No 10-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39714 Cooper, Hein Underneath It All Indica No 11-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39715 Brodovsky, Jacob Sixteen Years independent Yes 11-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39716 Clinton, Jess Real Glass Heart independent No 11-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39717 Hart, Kalon Love is Surrender independent Yes 11-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39718 Ulrich, Kris Golden Town independent Yes 11-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39719 Gratification Mandarins independent No 11-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39720 Stone, David David Stone independent Yes 11-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39724 Pekoe Cat Jungle Cop Light Organ Yes 24-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39728 Steve Adamyk Band Paradise Waterslide Yes 24-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39729 Lea, Ada what we say in private Next Door Yes 24-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39730 Sawyer's Dream Another Perfect Afternoon Loud Folk No 24-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39731 Monkey House Friday Alma Yes 24-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39733 Ways in Waves Bloodless Arches Bent River No 24-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39740 Hamadryad Intrusion independent Yes 27-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39741 Hamadryad Black Hole independent Yes 27-Jul-19
pop/rock CD 39743 Black Fever, The Unarticulated Wants independent Yes 29-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39746 Spoon Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon Matador No 29-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39748 Stonefield BENT Flightless No 29-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39757 AM RERUNS AM RERUNS independent No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39759 Hibou Halve Barsuk No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39761 Mystery Lights, The Too Much Tension! Wick No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39762 Clairo Immunity Fader No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39763 Slaughter Beach, Dog Safe and Also No Fear Lame-o No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39764 Joy Again Piano Honeymoon No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39765 Young Guv GUV I Run for Cover No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39766 Seeker Lover Keeper Wild Seeds Liberation No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39768 High Sunn Coffin 3y3s Cleopatra No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39769 Huntly Low Grade Buzz House Arrest No 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39770 Anders, Eric & Mark O'Bitz Ghost to Ancestors Baggage Room No 31-Jul-19
punk digital 39767 Meatwound Culero independent No 31-Jul-19
RPM digital 39666 Matias Aguayo Support Alien Invasion Crammed Discs No 03-Jul-19
RPM digital 39682 Desi Sub Culture Donkey Kong Snakes x Ladders No 04-Jul-19
soul/R&B/funk digital 39760 Lee Fields & The Expression It Rains Love Big Crown No 31-Jul-19
world CD 39754 Al Qahwa Cairo Moon independent Yes 31-Jul-19
pop/rock digital 39611 True Delusions Song For Judee Sil and Other Songs independent   20-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39612 Coutts, Paul James Utterances independent cc 23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39613 Car Seat Headrest Commit Yourself Completely Matador   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39615 Brijean Walkie Talkie Native Cat   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39616 Summer Cannibals Can't Tell Me No Tiny Engines   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39617 Luxury Trophies independent   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39618 Magnetic Fields, The 69 Love Songs Vol. 1 Merge   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39619 Magnetic Fields, The 69 Love Songs Vol. 2 Merge   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39620 Magnetic Fields, The 69 Love Songs Vol. 3 Merge   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39621 Meerna Heart Hunger Native Cat   23-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39622 Wanderwild Sleep Tight, Socialite independent   23-Jun-19
pop/rock CD 39623 Alexander and the Great Ones Super Turbo independent cc 23-Jun-19
pop/rock CD 39624 Virtues & Failings 2 independent cc 25-Jun-19
pop/rock CD 39626 Krivo, Ilya Kingdom Went independent   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39631 Parlotones, The China Ok!Good   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39632 Harvey, Bill Pie Palo Santo   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39633 Prince Originals Warner   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39634 Culture Rejects Breaking with the World Specific   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39635 Carbone, Laura Empty Sea Future Shock   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39636 Nearly Oratorio A Comforting Fact independent   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39637 Hatchie Keepsake Double Double Whammy   25-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39639 Sleepcircle From the Heavens, Through the Window independent cc 27-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39641 Blum, Mal Pity Boy Don Giovanni   27-Jun-19
pop/rock digital 39644 Piner Rootbound independent cc 27-Jun-19
pop/rock CD 39645 Twink Think Pink IV NoiseAgonyMayhem   27-Jun-19
pop/rock CD 39646 Fancy Diamonds Shiny Side Out independent cc 27-Jun-19
punk digital 39494 Membranes, The What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away Cherry Red   06-Jun-19
punk digital 39544 Greys Age Hasn`t Spoiled You Carpark cc 10-Jun-19
punk digital 39545 Pinheads, The Is This Real Stolen Body   10-Jun-19
punk digital 39573 Champange, David Bad Choices Make Good Stories independent   11-Jun-19
punk CD 39625 Necking Cut Your Teeth Mint cc 25-Jun-19
punk digital 39630 VICTIMS The Horse and Sparrow Theory independent   25-Jun-19
punk digital 39640 Ruotomieli Born in the O.Y.S. Secret Entertainment   27-Jun-19
punk digital 39642 Crag Mask Bend independent   27-Jun-19
punk CD 39647 Screaming At Traffic I Don't Like Sports Little Rocket cc 27-Jun-19
RPM digital 39517 Hot Chip A Bath Full of Estasy Domino   08-Jun-19
RPM digital 39535 Glass Apple Bonzai All-Nite Starlite Electronic Café Artoffact   09-Jun-19
RPM digital 39579 SYML SYML Nettwerk   11-Jun-19
RPM CD 39588 Selci Effervescence independent cc 20-Jun-19
RPM CD 39627 Heiki Tower of Acid Paper Sound cc 25-Jun-19
soul/R&B/funk digital 39548 Woods, Jamila LEGACY! LEGACY! Jagjaguwar   10-Jun-19
world digital 39514 Boogarins Sombrou Duvida OAR   08-Jun-19
world digital 39536 Combo Chimbita Ahomale Anti   09-Jun-19
world digital 39643 Orions Belte Slim Jansen   27-Jun-19