Two New Faculty Societies and 39 New & Returning Clubs Ratified at AMS Assembly

November 12 2020-AMS Assembly at Queen's University ratified 39 new and returning AMS clubs and approved the existence of two new Faculty Societies at their November 12th virtual meeting.

Olivia Stanton, Commissioner of Clubs spoke to the motion to approve ratification of the clubs explaining that there was a roughly 50-50 split between new clubs seeking ratification and clubs that were not ratified last year returning this year to seek and secure ratification.  Stanton noted she hoped the clubs would be ratified so that students could have "wonderful expanded club opportunities."  39 new and returning clubs were ratified.

Secretary of Internal Affairs Caroline Hart added a motion to approve the existence of the Health Sciences Society.  Hart talked about how the vote would allow HSS to move forward with their next steps to create the faculty society founded by 10 first year students last year who have written a constitution, have held open houses, received feedback and have already held secured a founding vote from its members.  The vote at AMS Assembly will allow HSS to begin to develop as a Faculty Society at Queen's in its own right.  AMS Assembly voted in favor of the motion.

Secretary Hart also spoke to the motion of approving the existence of the Dan School Undergraduate Society as a sister society to ASUS and the steps this group will make moving forward.  AMS Assembly also approved the motion to ratify the new faculty society.

Discussion about Moving to Slateless AMS Elections

During Question Period, AMS Board of Directors Chair Jordan Nensi highlighted ResSoc's plans to run executive elections without slates.  According to ResSoc President Oliver Flis's Assembly report , slateless elections have yet to be ratified by Residence Society General Assembly, but the intention is to remove barriers for qualified candidates to run for office and to allow candidates to run for their desired roles individually. Nensi inquired whether the AMS was considering allowing for slateless elections to its executive.  

Chief Electoral Officer Laura Devenny stated that at this time the AMS is not considering splitting up the slate but that it could be a matter of discussion in the future.  She did note that the AMS is considering different approaches to elections since the last several AMS executive elections have been uncontested.  However, it has not been possible to implement new methods in practice when only one team has run for office each year for the last several years.  

OUSA and Q-SSET Delegations Make Presentations

Representatives from OUSA, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, of which the AMS is a member, spoke about the organization and discussed its positions, policies and priorities related to accessibility, affordability, accountability and quality of undergraduate education in Ontario.

Rick Stratton and his team members from the Queen's Registrar's Office also made a delegation to AMS Assembly to introduce Q-SSET, the Queen’s Survey of Students Experience of Teaching.  This new instructor evaluation tool will replace the older U-SAT evaluation forms students fill out at the culmination of each of their courses.  Stratton explained that the new tool emphasizes student experience and allows more opportunity for students to self-reflect, look at the course more largely, and have input on logistics and technology used in the course as well.  

For the list of Ratified Clubs and Reports from AMS Assembly Members, see the Agenda.