MP Mark Gerretson Issues Statement on Queen's Homecoming Contraversy

On October 17th 2021, Mark Gerretson, the recently re-elected MP for Kingston and the Islands issued a social media statement about student street parties during Homecoming weekend.

The former Mayor of Kingston called on the University to take definitive action against students convicted of offences related to bylaw infractions including those related to social gatherings.
In Gerretson's view, "It doesn’t matter what the police, city bylaw officers or the mayor and council do. Take this picture (below) for example. Even a $2000 fine doesn’t phase them - they are literally begging bylaw to fine them and “add it [to their] tab”.
"Most students who participate in these events not only couldn’t care less about the fine, but in fact would display it as a badge of honour - proudly hung on a living room wall for the duration of their time in Kingston."
He went on to recommend that if a student were charged and convicted of an offence of this nature, "they [should be] expelled." 
Principal Patrick Deane issued a statement on October 17th condemning the unsanctioned street parties. On October 18th, another statement emerged from the Principal's Office stating that action against individuals who displayed misogynistic signs at unsanctioned student parties is currently being pursued under the Student Code of Conduct.
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Photo origin unknown.  Cross posted here from Mr. Gerretson's facebook post.