Mayor of Kingston's Community Update - December 2021

Hello Kingston! As we head into the holiday season, I want to provide a final update for 2021. In this newsletter, I provide the most recent local information about the current COVID-19 surge. I also talk about 47 new supportive housing units that are currently underway, about the need for more industrial lands in Kingston, and about the municipal contribution to help fund the hospital redevelopment.
I know that 2021 has been another roller coaster of a year. While we enjoyed more periods of normalcy, there were also a lot of challenging times, and at the moment we are in the middle of the hardest stretch of the pandemic so far. This is stressful and frustrating news, especially with the holidays approaching. However, if there's one thing I've seen during this pandemic, it's the ability of this community to come together when things get tough and all do our part to protect ourselves and each other. We've done it before and I know we can do it again. I really hope you find time to relax this holiday season and connect with family and friends in a safe way! I have a lot of hope for good things to come as we head into 2022!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Until next year,
NEWS & UPDATES - December 2021
Kingston COVID-19 Update
What we still don't know at this point is how the omicron variant affects those in older and more vulnerable populations and so out of an abundance of caution, public health is introducing new restrictions, the province announced new measures and as a city we're announcing important changes as well.
New Supportive Housing for Women at Risk
Thanks to investments from the City and other community partners, we’re actually going to be bringing online 47 new supportive housing units in four different locations across the city including this one. The plan is to have all 47 of these units ready to be occupied within a year.
We Need to Make More Room for Jobs and Investment in Kingston
An important reality that we are facing as a City right now is that we are quickly running out of industrial land that is available for sale. Over the last few years the interest from new businesses looking to locate here has been unprecedented, and even now there are many companies in conversation with us about setting up shop here.
A Request for the City to Help Fund Hospital Redevelopment
To address current and future needs, the provincial government has agreed to fund a major redevelopment of the hospital, a project that could cost as much as $1B. A condition of the funding is that a 10% share of the money has to be raised locally before the province will then fund the remaining 90% of the project.
December 7th Council Meeting
I break down the decisions of Council in three minutes or less.
November 16th Council Meeting
I break down the decisions of Council in three minutes or less.
November 2nd Council Meeting
I break down the decisions of Council in three minutes or less.