Maltby Centre releases bold, new Vision and Strategic Plan

Children’s mental health and autism agency creates new “revolutionary” direction for 25th anniversary

The Maltby Centre is marking its 25th Anniversary by creating a bold, new Vision and Strategic Plan. The agency provides mental health and autism services for children and youth in KFL&A. The new Vision statement Inclusion, Acceptance, A Life Without Barriers envisions a future where children and youth can find the help they need.

“Our new Vision means we will measure our success by how we provide equitable and accessible service. It commits us to working towards a revolution in outcomes for child and youth mental health and autism spectrum disorder services,” said Karen Fleming, Executive Director.

The new Vision and three-year Strategic Plan was created over a six month process during the Pandemic and involved input from children and youth, their families, staff and community partners. It also re-committed the agency to social accountability, anti-oppression and anti-racism.

“Our Mission is Making a difference, Changing lives, Creating healthy communities. It commits us to empower and support children and youth and their families in their journey, so that they feel that they make a difference, are changing their lives and ultimately have made a better community for all of us,” said Fleming.

The Strategic Plan has four pillars. The first pillar is about Access. The agency is promising to build a system that provides the right supports and services at the right time and in the right place. The second pillar is about inspired people and focusses on becoming a competitive practice destination and a recognized community care employer of choice. The third pillar commits the agency to operational excellence by delivering quality, efficient and effective systems and services that demonstrate a clear, positive impact for their diverse mental health and autism spectrum disorder clients. The final pillar commits the agency to continue to build exceptional partnerships to create a thriving, high performing care delivery system for mental health and autism spectrum disorders in the region and beyond.

The Plan also commits the agency to a set of values called ICARE – the acronym of inclusive, compassionate, accountable, respect and excellence. Together, the agency is promising it will live these words through its actions.

“This is a new chapter in our history. We ask our clients and the community to join us in our journey. Read our new Strategic Plan, follow us on social media or advocate for the kids and families we serve.”

More information on the agency’s new Vision and Strategic Plan can be found online at