Local Musicians: Get National Distro for your music on stations country-wide

Tired of mailing out CDs to radio stations across Canada? Check out this cool, easy, digital and extremely cost-efficient way to get your music in the hands of campus and community broadcasters across the country.


!earshot distro is a distribution system through the National Community Radio Association that is designed to allow independent musicians and labels to upload new and back-catalogue content to an online pool of music, to which stations and their programmers have direct access for airplay.

This new distro system is an easy, digitized way for Canadian artists to upload their music without having to send hundreds of time-consuming emails or spend lots of money on CD/Vinyl mail outs to stations across Canada. !earshot also notifies those artists and labels when a station listens to/downloads their songs and gives them access to radio stations' emails and music submission preferences.

Get your music in the right hands cheaply and efficiently!  Use CFRC's !earshot Referral Code MSNQNCRA and start today!