Live in an apartment or condo? Take the Food Waste Diversion survey

January 18, 2021

Live in an apartment or condo? The City is seeking your input as it considers the option of making the Green Bin program – or the separation of food waste and organics from garbage – mandatory in apartments/condos.

“Some people who live in apartments and condos already participate in the City’s Green Bin program. Right now, use of the Green Bin, or another food waste diversion program, in these multi-residential buildings is optional,” says Raymond Garner, Director, Solid Waste Services.

Complete the survey at by 4 p.m. on Feb. 8.

The City’s Green Bin and other food waste diversion programs:

This initiative is one of the engagement efforts under the Waste Strategies project and falls under the City’s strategic priority to demonstrate leadership on climate action as landfilled waste contributes to climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.