Live and Alive Launches April 24th!

Tune in at 10 am to CFRC 101.9 FM ( for the 2019 Robert H. Black Radio Residency Audio Documentary Live and Alive!


Live and Alive is an audio documentary produced through the Robert H. Black Residency programme by first-year undergraduate student Sam Kaiser in collaboration with CFRC and the Department of Film and Media.  It focuses on live music in Kingston, investigating how such a cultivated live music scene came about.  Highlighting Homegrown Live Music Festival and Joe’s MILL, this audio documentary focuses on opportunities for live musicians, as well as the ways they give back to the community.  Through interviews with Tyler Flynn, Chris Morris, and Tom Stewart, learn about the history of Kingston’s music scene, and the many ways that it continues to grow and expand. Check it out for some great music and insightful takes on Kingston’s live music scene!

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