Learn how to make a will this November

November is Make a Will Month, a time to raise awareness of how important it is to have an up-to-date
will. Throughout the month, Ontario Bar Association (OBA) members help the public understand the
importance of having a will and having it done by a lawyer.

A 2018 Angus Reid poll found that over half of Canadians do not have a will in place, and for those who
do have a will, only 35 per cent said it is current. While some survey respondents said they are too
young to worry about a will or do not have enough assets to consider, the OBA says wills are still
important in managing and administrating one’s estate. A will can reduce delays and expenses in the
division and distribution of any property and can reduce family tensions.
On Nov. 23, Ryan MacNeil, an associate in a wills and estates group, will lead a free information session
on will and estate planning. He will share information about powers of attorney, components of a will,
and what the absence of a will could mean.
The session will take place at the Calvin Park Branch from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Register at https://
“Wills and estate planning can be stressful and complex topics,” said Jake Miller, Librarian, Adult
Programming. “The Ontario Bar Association has prioritized providing information sessions on these
subjects to raise awareness and encourage action. It's important to provide the space and time for the
community to learn.”