Leaf collection begins next week

October 28, 2021

The City of Kingston will begin collecting leaves the week of Nov. 1. See www.CityofKingston.ca/Collection for your collection week.

Have leaves ready for collection at curbside by 8 a.m. on the Monday of your leaf collection week.

Only leaves in paper leaf bags, or placed loosely in bushel baskets, garbage cans or other rigid-sided receptacles, will be collected. Yard waste like tomato plants, and vegetable garden waste (but not brush) can be put out for collection during leaf collection week. Bags or containers of leaves must weigh less than 20 kg (44 lbs).

Leaves in plastic bags – or in bags that look like plastic – will NOT be picked up by the City. Make sure your leaves are collected as expected, watch the Brush and Leaf Do’s and Don’ts video.

This is also a good time for residents to remove leaves from their eavestroughs and sewer grates on their streets to ensure rain water drains effectively away from their properties.

Compost your Yard Waste

Try using your leaves and grass clippings as mulch. Leave them on the lawn to feed it over the coming months. Or consider composting your yard waste in a back-yard composter for use in your garden next year.

You may also drop off your yard waste at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre (KARC), 196 Lappan’s Lane, or at Tomlinson Organics at 2069 Joyceville Rd., call 613-546-0884 for hours of operation.