LDSB votes to initiate renaming of École Sir John A MacDonald Public School

June 16 2021.  Announced during meeting notes through Twitter, the Limestone District School Board has voted unanimously to initiate the potential renaming process for École Sir John A MacDonald Public School located on Martha Street in Kingston.


Trustee Garrett Elliot put forward the motion to initiate the renaming process and review the name of the school to ensure "it reflects our board's mission, vision, values, with a lens on reconciliation, decolonization, anti-racism, and anti-oppression principles."  Trustee Robert Godkin seconded the motion.

Godkin also proposed removing the current school name in favor of using an "construction name" - Kingston East Elementary School - on interim basis effective June 30, 2021.

Some debate occurred among trustees about assigning an interim name. 

Student Trustees Annika Putnam & Namirah Quadir stated that an interim name is a good and appropriate compromise to allow for time to impactful consultation process.  Trustee Elliott added that an interim name would support the removal of a hurtful name now and allow for more fulsome consultation can occur.  Trustee Karen McGregor disagreed stating that consultation was the a key in Trustee Elliot's motion and as a result, stated that  she not believe passing an interim name was wise without consultation.

In addition to approving the motion to initiate the renaming process, Trustees voted in favour of the motion to use interim name effective June 30, 2021.