KPP Concerts announces new 20th anniversary compilation Album

KPP Concerts has announced a special project for their 20th anniversary year: KPP AT 20.

Twenty years ago, KPP released a compilation CD featuring some of the emerging bands that had been playing their weekly KPP shows at Club 477 (now Trek bike shop). Some of those acts went on to big things, some broke up, and a few are still around. 100 copies of that original KPP CD were printed and distributed. 
Fast-forward twenty years, over a thousand shows later, and KPP finds itself celebrating their 20th anniversary year with KPP compilation number two!
Details for local musicians from KPP Concerts are below:
🎵KPP is seeking 10 artists to feature on our album KPP AT 20. Those selected will be invited to record a new 'live off the floor' track at The Spire with pro recording engineer Aaron Holmberg/
🎵When all 10 artists have finished tracking, KPP will mix, master, print a run of vinyl, and distribute digitally. While they'd love to feature some ripping loud tracks with Neil Peart sized drum kits and full Marshall stacks, KPP is seeking acoustic tracks only.
Some other details:
🎵Solo or duo performances are great! Members of bands are fine too – ie. Eddie Vedder (from Pearl Jam) would be an acceptable artist (other than he’d break the “local” rule below).
🎵KPP is looking for artists from the Kingston area (ie within 50 km of The Spire, give or take). This is where Eddie Vedder gets disqualified. They want the project to feel local so we can showcase the awesome music scene in Kingston. So, preference given to area artists.
🎵Genres: no limits here! For bands, especially those on the louder/fuller side, maybe there’s a track you can adapt for the project? We’re also looking to present a lineup that is diverse with an equitable gender balance. Newer emerging artists can apply too. A shelf full of Juno’s or a lengthy resume is not necessary (but if you have either of these things, you can still apply).
🎵Artist perks: KPP will pay you a cash honoraria for participating, you’ll also get a pro recording of your new track that we’ll promote far and wide, and you’ll also get your track to use for your own purposes.
🎵If accepted, KPP is looking for tracks less than 5 minutes. Preference given for new unreleased material or adaptations of previous songs. Artists retain 100% ownership and publishing rights. All digital distribution will be linked back to artist accounts (ie. back to artist Spotify accounts).
🎵Date: please submit an artist bio, links, and sample track to [email protected] – deadline May 31, 2021. In the email subject line, please enter KPP AT 20.
🎵Recording dates: we’ll choose a mutually agreeable weekend this summer – so, recording dates to be announced. We intend to keep the recording process fairly “live” with all tracks being recorded over a single weekend.
🎵Questions: [email protected] or check out .
This KPP Concerts Project is supported by Ontario Arts Council - Conseil des arts de l'Ontario, The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR), The Spire, and CFRC 101.9fm.