Kingston Transit’s first electric buses begin service on July 29

July 29, 2021

Kingston’s priority of taking real action on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions is closer to being realized with the introduction of two electric buses into its fleet.  The two electric buses were introduced to the community and put into service on Thursday, July 29.  

“Kingston Transit has been a true leader in climate action," said Mark Gerretson, MP Kingston and the Islands.

"The introduction of two electric buses into its fleet is just another example of our City’s commitment to take care of our environment for future generations. I’m pleased that the federal government continues to invest in local projects that help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Kudos to City of Kingston staff who have been hard at work to prepare for these new environmentally-friendly buses.”

Passengers can expect to see them on both Kingston Transit’s local and Express routes. The two electric buses, electric bus charger, and ancillary equipment including farebox, GPS equipment, and on-board cameras were funded with support from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities ($556,875) and the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program bilateral agreement between the Government of Canada ($593,914) and the Province of Ontario ($494,879).  

“I am so excited to see our first electric bus hit the road! City staff have been working hard to train staff, get the bus ready, and put the necessary infrastructure in place," said Bryan Paterson, Mayor of Kingston. "City Council is committed to electrifying the City’s fleet and we’re now better positioned to make investments in smart transportation options. This will help us reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions and help us meet our climate action goals!”

"Ontario's contribution to Kingston Transit's new electric buses is yet another step we've taken to  improve people's quality of life and reduce transportation emissions," Caroline Mulroney, Ontario Minister of Transportation added. "Under Premier Ford’s leadership, public transit is a priority for our government, and that is why we remain committed to working collaboratively with our federal and municipal partners to provide more innovative options for Ontarians to get around."

The electric buses will be charged at the Kingston Transit facility using power provided by Utilities Kingston and Kingston Hydro. Utilities Kingston supports the City of Kingston’s climate action strategies, remains a committed partner to the municipality in being a climate action leader and is proud to sponsor this project.