Kingston Community Update from Mayor Paterson

What takes place at Kingston City Council meetings? What’s new in the community? What important decisions are being made? There are so many exciting things happening across Kingston. As Mayor, I want to share these stories. 
In this month's newsletter, I talk about an innovative project that Utilities Kingston is exploring to turn waste into energy and I discuss some exciting possibilities for the new Confederation Basin Promenade. I go over information that was provided by the federal government about the potential cleanup of the Kingston’s Inner Harbour and I share more about the labour shortage and what the economic recovery team is working on to address this challenge. 
If you have any thoughts on these or other topics, feel free to connect with me by email at [email protected]
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NEWS & UPDATES - October 2021
Turning Waste into Energy to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
I’ve always been a big proponent of innovation when it comes to tackling climate change. New ideas and technologies can help us reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions in substantial ways. Right now, Utilities Kingston is looking at a really interesting idea. The plan is to use biosolids from our wastewater treatments plants and organic waste from the green bins we put out each week to generate a new, cleaner energy source.
What We Could Do with the Confederation Basin Promenade
Right now the City is working on an exciting waterfront project. The plan is to create a walkway along this section of the breakwater and make a space for people to be able to enjoy amazing views of the waterfront. Council has set aside just over $2.6M to complete the walkway, but over the last number of months we’ve heard lots of other ideas from the public about how to make this walkway even better.
Planning for Kingston’s Inner Harbour Cleanup
Last week City Councillors and community members heard from federal government experts on the initial plans for cleaning up the contamination here at Kingston’s Inner Harbour. According to the feds, the inner harbour is a high priority for action because of the presence of contaminants below the water that came from former industrial uses along the river.
One of Kingston’s Biggest Economic Challenges: A Labour Shortage
When it comes to recovery from the pandemic, there’s a particular challenge that has really come to the forefront this year. All over the community I’m hearing about the difficulties businesses are having in finding new employees.
October 19th Council Meeting
I break down the decisions of Council in three minutes or less.
October 5th Council Meeting
I break down the decisions of Council in three minutes or less.
September 21st Council Meeting