Kingston Arts Council announces second-round Resiliency Grant recipients and launches community fundraiser

The Kingston Arts Council (KAC) is pleased to announce the remaining $20,000  available in the City of Kingston Arts Fund’s Resiliency Grant stream will be awarded to  20 local, professional artists through the grant’s second intake period. Total funding for  the Resiliency Grant is $100,000; the first $80,000 in funding was distributed to 80  artists in May. This special funding opportunity has been made possible by Kingston  City Council who approved an additional $200,000 to be distributed through the City of  Kingston Arts Fund in 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this grant  stream, 100 Kingston-based artists received support. 

The Resiliency Grant marks the first-time the City of Kingston Arts Fund has provided  funding directly to artists. The $1,000 grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served  basis to eligible, local, professional artists to help them continue to work and to work  safely during these challenging times. 263 unique eligible applications were received  through the two rounds of the Resiliency grant stream, with a total funding request of  $396,000 or nearly four times the $100,000 invested in the stream through the City of  Kingston.  

A full list of recipients can be found on the Kingston Arts Council’s website at Recipients range from emerging to established artists working across a  variety of disciplines. 

Fundraiser launched to boost the Resiliency grant stream 

In response to the number of applications to the Resiliency Grant and the demonstrated  need for funding support for local artists, the Kingston Arts Council is launching a  community fundraising campaign to raise money for distribution among artists through  the Resiliency Grant program.  

“With our Resiliency fundraiser, we are hoping to build on the City’s investment so we  can further support Kingston’s dynamic artists,” says Kirsi Hunnakko, Executive Director  of the KAC. “This is a direct and impactful way for Kingstonians to support their arts  community.”  

Donations received by the KAC through the fundraising campaign will be distributed  through a third intake period in the fall. The Guidelines established for this program will  be followed and $1,000 grants will be administered. 

Donations to the Resiliency Grant can now be made through the Kingston Arts Council’s  Canada Helps page at council/resiliency-fund-community-campaign. With the exception of a small fee retained by Canada Helps for use of the platform, all donor dollars will go directly to local artists;  the Kingston Arts Council will retain no portion of funding as administrators of the grant,  however separate donations to support KAC operations are welcome. The fundraising  campaign launches on June 24 and will close on August 31. All donors will receive a  charitable tax receipt and recognition on the KAC website. 

About the City of Kingston Arts Fund 

In 2007, Kingston City Council established the City of Kingston Arts Fund, comprised of  $100,000 from the Healthy Community Fund Program and an additional $400,000 in  new funding. The Kingston Arts Council was contracted to administer CKAF that  provides Operating and Project Grants to local arts organizations and projects to foster  creativity at all levels and enrich how Kingston residents experience and engage with  the arts. Kingston City Council has continued to invest in the funding program growth  each year as part of its commitment to supporting arts and culture in Kingston. Through  this program, the City of Kingston has invested close to $6.9 million since its inception. 

In 2021, total funding for the City of Kingston Arts Fund operating and project grant  programs totals $569,050. In January 2021, Kingston City Council allocated an  additional $200,000 in one-time funding to support individual artists and non-profit arts  organizations in recognition of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The final  $100,000 of this investment will be distributed to local artists, collectives and groups  through the program’s Adapt grant stream, now accepting applications.