KFL&A Public Health releases the Cost of Eating Healthy report

KFL&A Public Health is responsible for monitoring food affordability. In 2022, the cost to eat healthy for a family of four (two adults, two children) in the KFL&A region was approximately $1099 per month. 

“Our food costing has shown repeatedly that households on low incomes or social assistance struggle to put healthy food on the table and cover other living expenses after paying rent,” said Tracy McDonough, Registered Dietitian at KFL&A Public Health. “Being unable to afford healthy food can have serious negative impacts on physical and mental health for adults, children and youth.”

Approximately, 11% of households in the KFL&A region live with food insecurity, meaning they cannot afford to buy the food they want and need for good health. Everyone deserves the right to adequate, healthy, safe, affordable and culturally appropriate food. Income-based strategies are required to address poverty, which is the root cause of food insecurity.

Share the Cost of Eating Healthy in KFL&A with peers, colleagues, and partner agencies, and consider opportunities to support income-based strategies that address poverty and promote access to healthy food for all.

KFL&A Public Health conducted in-store and online costing of 61 foods from the National Nutritious Food Basket. The National Nutritious Food Basket is based on current dietary recommendations and consumers’ average food consumption patterns. For more information, visit kflaph.ca/CostofEatingHealthy.