KCFF '21 Launches February 26th 2021

Founded in 2001, The Kingston Canadian Film Festival celebrates 21 years this February and March with a virtual series of talks, Q&As, and festival action participants can enjoy safely from the comfort and safety of their homes.


Running February 26-March 7, KCFF will run the full course of the festival digitally for the first time ever.  In this regard, the pandemic has created opportunities for festival organizers to embrace the new format that is more accessible, affordable and safe for festival-goers.  

KCFF '21 follows KCFF '20 which came to an abrupt stop on March 12th 2020 with immediate and growing concerns about the impact and severity of the coronavirus pandemic.  KCFF '20 suffered an unprecedented cancellation disrupting the plans of festival organizers and participants while striking a huge low on the festival as a not-for-profit, charitable organization.  

Fortunately, this year, with support from the festival faithful, the community, sponsors, and donors in addition to the work of the Festival's organizers, KCFF will run February 26th through March 7th 2021.  Festival passes, tickets, and the lineup of films and virtual festival events will be announced by KCFF on Friday, February 5 2021.  KCFF notes that festival goers wishing to see six or more movies can buy a pass and save on regular box office prices.   If you’re planning on seeing 6 or more movies you can buy a pass and save over regular box office prices. Click for more information about passes and ticket pricing.

CFRC 101.9 FM is also proud to sponsor one of the featured films, which we will announce after KCFF releases the lineup.  Stay tuned!