Internationally recognized Kingston company to expand

Internationally award-winning workspace design and manufacturing company known for producing office pods SnapCab has announced a major expansion. 

“We’ve run out of space here, we can quadruple our output if we expand and add another shift at night. We do 12 pods a week now, with that we would do over 40," SnapCab CEO Glenn Bostock says.

Recently, the company has produced isolation booths to adapt to the socially distanced work environment.

“There are a number of puzzle pieces to going back to work now. The hybrid of working from home and at the office, and they're trying to get people to spread out more at the office. This is definitely a part of the puzzle piece of coming back to the office," says Bostock.

The facility will expand by 18,000 square feet to a total of 54,000 square feet and they would double their employee base from 40 to close to 80.

"The building is going to be completely open. We're going to put a mezzanine up there, there are pod sized windows, we're going to have offices up there...It will look like a showroom from the street with pods up there," says Bostock.

Bostock estimates the expansion will begin in the fall of 2023, and will cost $3 million. SnapCab launched a Video Conferencing Pod at the NeoCon 2022 Trade Show in Chicago and was an honoree at the NeoCon Interior Design HiP 2022 Awards. Last year, SnapCab won multiple DNA awards at the Paris Design Awards.

Listen to the full CFRC interview with Glenn Bostock below: