University Library Expands Covid-safe Study Spaces

November 20th 2020 At the beginning of the academic year, the University Library system said that it will be opening 150 study seats at Stauffer Library, where students are able to book a maximum of 32 hours per month. That monthly limit has now increased to 60 hours per month and that these bookings can take place in three spaces; Stauffer Library, Mac-Corry Hall, and the Education Library. Stauffer Library has also increased its capacity to 244 seats as of November 18, 2020.

Mac-Corry Hall has been open to students since October 27, 2020 to book seats. 72 seats are available between the hours of 11am to 8pm.  All students are reminded to clean their booked area before and after each use. Face coverings are required and physical distancing measures are in place in all three buildings. 

These study spaces are monitored by Queen’s Student Constables. Students are required to show their student card, their booking confirmation, as well as their COVID-19 self-assessment, accessible through the Queen’s SeQure application

Students may book  study space at any of the three locations by visiting here: