Homecoming 2021 to Be Entirely Virtual Says Principal

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane announced in a statement on February 9th 2021 that all Homecoming 2021 events will be virtual.

This statement follows announcements made in January about plans to host two Homecoming events in October 2021.  

Deane stated the early announcements were made to assist in the planning needed for a safe Homecoming experience.  

Following conversations with university and community stakeholders, the Principal announced this morning that the University has decided to cease any preparations for an in-person event in autumn due to continued concerns emergent from the pandemic and that Homecoming 2021 will be entirely virtual as it was in 2020.  

"COVID-19 has affected us all and it is clear we will be dealing with the impact of the virus for some time," said Deane. "Our priority is and will always be the health and well-being of our Kingston and university community while we work to fulfill our mission to deliver high quality education and services to our students."  The event, he added, will benefit stakeholders and address risks to health and safety in the community.