Have a choco-lot of fun with KFPL and Cocoa Bistro’s tasting event

Flavour, aroma, the way it feels in your mouth — there’s more that goes into tasting chocolate than just
eating it! Learn the art of chocolate tasting with various chocolates from Kingston's Cocoa Bistro on
December 6.

When you register for Chocolots! you will also learn how to dip strawberries and be shown a tempering
"December and chocolate are a great pairing,” said Jake Miller, Librarian, Adult Programming. “Having
Audrey Brown from Cocoa Bistro is a unique opportunity to explore the art of chocolate. Attendees can
show off their chocolate knowledge at holiday gatherings!”
“Be sure to check out the library’s book display of chocolate and other dessert-related titles in the
presentation room,” Miller added.
Take advantage of this sweet opportunity on December 6 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Isabel Turner Branch.
Register at https://calendar.kfpl.ca/event/7462762.