Growing climate resiliency in Kingscourt

Thanks to community efforts Kingston’s tree canopy grew this past weekend with 100 new trees planted in yards across Kingscourt. 

Trees for the planting were supplied through the City’s Neighbourhood Tree Planting Program, an initiative which is aimed at getting more trees onto private property within the City of Kingston.     

“Expanding the City’s tree canopy is a tangible step we are taking to tackle climate change at the municipal level,” said Mayor Bryan Paterson. “In 2022 the Neighbourhood Tree Planting Program helped add 3,600 trees to our canopy, a significant feat that required community involvement and participation.”  

Community members from the Kingscourt neighbourhood led the efforts to plant 100 trees in one day on Saturday. They organized support from neighbourhood residents, Little Forests Kingston, Leaf Kingston, the Rotary Club and students from Kingston Secondary School.  

“I’ve only lived in the Kingscourt area a short time, so it was a great opportunity to meet my neighbours and build a greater sense of community,” said Jo McAlpine, a Kingscourt resident. “I found that people are eager to do what they can to address the climate crisis and what could be easier and more lasting than planting trees.” 

One of the key groups involved was Little Forests Kingston, who worked with other community groups and Kingscourt residents to find volunteers to help plant and to provide space on their properties for trees.  

“Little Forests are an approach to rapidly regenerate our urban canopy, restore biodiversity and build neighbourhood climate resiliency,” said Joyce Hostyn, co-founder of Little Forests Kingston. “In neighbourhoods like Kingscourt, where tree volumes are lower, this work is vital to help support climate resiliency and foster healthier neighbourhoods.” 

This fall, Little Forests Kingston is also working with Addictions and Mental Health (AMHS) and the Belle Island Caretakers to plant another 830 trees. Visit their website to learn more about the work they’re doing. 

The City of Kingston is on track to plant more than 7,850 trees for the 2019 to 2022 period. Learn more about trees and nature in the community on the City of Kingston’s website.