First Delivery of Massive Third Crossing Girders Arrives

The first delivery of girders arrived in Kingston today for installation at the Third Crossing.

Girders start arriving Feb 1 - expect shore delays

The City of Kingston reminds residents that because a total of 95 girders will be installed at the third crossing, short delays may be experienced along Sir John A. MacDonald and John Counter Boulevard as large trucks carrying bridge girders arrive in town over the next few months. At 150 feet in length, these girders are some of the largest ever made for a bridge in Ontario. Please drive with caution.

Trucks are expected to arrive about twice a week during the early afternoon hours. Each truck will have car escorts to help guide the trucks safely through town to the end of John Counter Boulevard on the west shore. Girders will begin to be installed on the west shore and then move east towards the main span. ​​​​​​​

The City states that it has planned extensively for the delivery and installation of the girders, "however, this is a first for the City so we ask for your patience as we ensure they continue to arrive safely with minimal disruption."