Expected nuisance gatherings demand time and effort once again from many community organizations

Safety of residents continues to be top priority

October 22, 2021

For the second time this month, the City of Kingston, Kingston Police and multiple other community partners are mobilizing to diffuse unwanted street parties and other nuisance gatherings expected this weekend.

“We’re ready to respond to keep Kingston safe. We are prepared for illegal gatherings and high-risk behaviours like the ones witnessed last weekend,” says Paige Agnew, the City’s Commissioner of Community Services. “We are actively collaborating with law enforcement, first responders and other community partners.”

On Saturday, Police and City Bylaw Officers responded to multiple reports of gatherings, handing out dozens of provincial offences, administrative monetary penalties and laying several criminal charges. More than 100 partiers risk having permanent police or court records resulting from disruptive gatherings staged over the weekend, with the potential for 59 additional identities to be disclosed publicly under Emergency Order No. 5.

“The Kingston Police have been meeting with our community and policing partners and reviewing the events of the past weekend in preparation for this weekend’s deployment of appropriate resources to keep our community safe,” says Chief of Police Antje McNeely. “Large gatherings have the potential to attract a certain segment of society that will prey on our most vulnerable, and we have seen this firsthand; we will be responding in a proportionate manner, based on behaviours observed. Our underlying message is:  Don’t get caught up in crowd mentality, stay safe, and help keep our community safe; it is everyone’s responsibility.”
The City will offer updates on any response to illegal gathering including:

  • emergencies
  • road closures
  • imminent safety risks
  • Kingston Transit service disruptions
  • nuisance parties

City updates will be posted on its Twitter feed – which is featured on the front page of the City’s website at www.CityofKingston.ca – and its Facebook page over the weekend.
Residents are reminded that the University District Safety Initiative remains in effect through Oct. 25. Fines or charges received during the University District Safety Initiative could be retained as a permanent police record and land nuisance partiers in court.